Artist Statement


Shortly after turning thirteen, I awakened one night from the most vivid dream I had ever experienced. In this dream I could feel the physical pressure on my shoulder blades, as wings began to emerge from my body.  After the pain subsided, I boldly took flight with my new wings. Experiencing the joy of weightlessness, a wave of peace fell over me.  Upon waking, I could have sworn it was all real.

Transformation is a constant in my life and is reflected in my artwork as it evolves and matures over time. I strive to emote sensual  pleasures through my art. The stories passed down to me by my ancestors recounting hardship and sorrow with tales of survival, have shaped the way I see the world almost as much as my own life’s experiences. Their energy, passions and trials mixed with my own, lead me to create a path of escape from reality and the results often tend to depict fantasies of pain and joy, good and evil in a timeless world.

Nature, with its unbreakable connection to mankind's cycle of life, death and rebirth, physically excites and psychologically intrigues me and also provides the thematic basis of many of my works. 

I love working in black and white because it gives so much character to the drawing and as the absence of color always leaves more room for imagination, I can focus primarily on what the subject is expressing. 

The dream I had many years ago was but that – a mere dream.  However, living the dream even for a moment manifests a reality that might not ever have seen the light of day. Exposing those moments through my art is the world I wish to share.


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