Artist Statement

Hermitage     The Hermitage

Perhaps the most comprehensive collection of world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 21st century, located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia.

Guggenheim     Guggenheim Museum

International orientation of works from the permanent collection as well as centers for arts and technology, architecture and design, and education, including the Las Vegas collaboration with The Hermitage Museum.

Medusa     The Gorgon Medusa

Part of a paper by Lisa Le Van, which provides a synopsis of Medusa from archetype to classic myth, with references to historical devotion by a number of cultures.

Greek Mythology     Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

A site devoted to accurate summaries of myths based on the ancient texts, mainly used as a teachers’ overview of the subject of Greek Mythology.

     Greek Mythology

An introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology. It combines information from a number of sources and attempts to be a comprehensive reference work.

St. Petersburg     St. Petersburg

One of many websites dedicated to the travel and exploration of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dostoevsky     Dostoevsky

Petrozavodsk State University’s website dedicated to the complete works of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Sev Shoon     Sev Shoon Arts Center

Located near the Ballard Locks in Seattle, Sev Shoon is the printmaking center for 19 aspiring and experienced artists.

Mythography     Maenads in Greek Mythology

Maenads (also known as Bacchantes, Bacchae, or Thyiades) played an important role in Greek mythology, literature, and art.

Seattle Print Arts     Seattle Print Arts

SPA is an association of artists, arts professionals and collectors who have an avid interest in the expanding field of print arts and an appreciation of the print media.

Crafts Fair Online     The Crafts Fair Online

The Oldest And Largest Craft Directory On The Web.

Pratt Fine Arts     Pratt Fine Arts Center

The Place to Make Art.

Frye Art Museum     Frye Art Museum

From school tours to studio workshops to art history lectures to films, the Frye presents a wide range of educational programs for young children to life-long learners.

Seattle Art Museum     Seattle Art Museum

From its early 20th-century roots as the Seattle Fine Arts Society to its growth into an internationally renowned museum.

Davidson Galleries     Davidson Galleries

Painting, Sculpture & Multimedia • Contemporary Prints • Antique Prints

     Alki Arts

A cooperative art gallery located on West Seattle's beautiful Alki Beach.

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