July 28 - 29 at the
2012 Alki Arts Fair


Black and White by Brown

Boredom excites imagination
F. DostoevskyFirebird - color - Copyright 2004 Tatyana Brown
     An early love for drawing and a solid background as an architect play important roles in the direction of my artwork.  The architect leads me to create high contrast images and more simple prints, while the artist often leans toward embellishment and elaboration.

I find the process of creating work using new techniques to be very fascinating. I constantly change and grow through my drawings.  My aspirations lead me to new directions and insights. Once I initiate work on a theme, time can hold little importance.  I love working in black and white, because it gives so much character to the drawing and I can focus more on what the subject is expressing, always leaving room for imagination.

I not only seek a balance between black and white in my graphic art, but also metaphors for good and evil. In my erotic art I try to explore the nature of love, illusion and fantasy as continual journey of transformation, hoping to find a balance between freedom and responsibility.  I aspire to be a skilled artist.

Please browse my website and also visit my etsy online store.  My hope is that you can find some connection to the art that I have chosen to display here and on etsy.  If so, please contact me with feedback, inquiries or details on commissions. Thank you.


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