Artist Statement

Summer Morning at Alki Beach         Born and educated in St. Petersburg, Russia,
Tatyana demonstrated a keen interest and exceptional talent for artistic expression at an early age, which led her to an extensive art education at the famed Russian and Hermitage Museums.

She later earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from the renowned University of Architecture and Engineering in St. Petersburg.  After graduating, Tatyana worked in the interior design field. As a member of the Association of Russian Architects, she participated in numerous art shows and competitions.

Tatyana also taught Art at the St. Petersburg College of Restoration and exhibited her drawings in a number of shows. She experimented with many media, including watercolor, pastel and encaustics, but developed her unique sensual style while working in engraving and lithography.  The mainly  black and white graphics communicate her passion for life and art.

Presently residing in Seattle, Washington, Tatyana pursues her art from a studio in West Seattle. She currently holds active membership in the Seattle Prints Art Association and the ArtsWest Artists Association, and continues to show her work throughout the area.

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